Wednesday, January 19, 2011

so this is the new year

Oh hello. I'm back. I kind vacated this space for a bit as I often tend to do, and missed the boat on wishing you all the various happy fall and winter holidays. And now. Somehow we have already blown through the better part of January! I hope that you all had lovely holidays with those you hold dear. I know I did!

Well, at least I am in time to wish you a happy Lunar New Year! It's coming up in just a couple of weeks, along with a great event over in Chinatown, for those of you who are in the LA area.

I will be participating as a vendor for the LA Craft Experience market that is happening in conjunction with the Lunar New Year festival. So if you are in or around town, come by and say hello! There are a ton of events scheduled for the festival in addition to the craft market, so come down, hang out, and ring in the year of the rabbit! Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

birthday wish.

Happy birthday, mom!
I hope you have an amazing day and many, many lovely years ahead.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

library day

It was such a gorgeous day out yesterday, and I think today might be more of the same. This is the kind of weather that makes me feel lucky, as if I've won a pass to enjoy the sunlight and my city as I wander about over the weekend. And wander about we did! I had some research to do yesterday and decided to go about it old-school and visit the library with my cousin.

The Central Library downtown is probably among my top ten favorite spots in LA. Yesterday my research took me to the children's department, which is an especially lovely spot in the building--to reach it, you walk through this rotunda:

Gorgeous, right? Apologies for the mediocre image quality, I had actually remembered to bring my camera, but when I pulled it out it was just out of battery! Oops. This one was snapped on my phone.

I fell in love with this place one summer as an intern years ago, working in the photo collection that makes its home in the depths of the building in the history/genealogy department. The photo collection is just one of the library's many special collections, and I remember going through archives of glass negatives from long-defunct local papers, sorting photographs--there were so many files! Rooms full of them.

The library building itself is so lovely, with its garden and unique architecture (there are more floors underground than above).

While interning here, my boss's love for downtown and the library were infectious, and my time with her and at the library instilled in me a deep sense of appreciation for all the history and culture--and food!--that was surrounding us. Come to think of it, that summer is probably also when I first fell hard for downtown in general. She made it a point to show me many of the area's historical gems, and I recall so many lovely long lunches, walking several blocks at a time for some great Chinese food, historical Clifton's Cafeteria, or for gorditas at Grand Central Market. Those were good.

Imagine my delight, then, when as my cousin and I were walking out of the library yesterday, we run into said former boss walking in! It was even more of an odd coincidence, as she had retired recently and is no longer working there. She just happened to be arriving for an event that afternoon. It was so great to bump into her and catch up. What a perfect way to end a library field trip!

Friday, October 8, 2010

and now for a musical break

I love Jane Lui's voice, and this video of her rendition of Edelweiss is just wonderful! Hopefully she will do a show in LA sometime soon. If you like what you see + hear, the song is also on her new album, Goodnight Company, which is worth a listen. It's out now and free to download on her website! Enjoy!