Saturday, September 22, 2007

there are changes afoot

Rain, glorious rain!

We needed it so badly and finally it came--the gray clouds rolled in and suddenly the sidewalks were slick with rain that hadn't fallen in months! Here's to hoping it continues.

I have a feeling that this exhilarating shift in seasons nourishing our parched town will also help to jump-start my creative work, and help me to get myself back in to the rhythm of things. I have been neglecting my card-making! There are many, many ideas I am itching to put down on paper and a few will be applied into projects in the coming weeks--stay tuned for shiny new items to appear soon in my etsy shop!

I have been getting back in to drinking mugs of hot teas, they are just so warming from the inside out, and the perfect end note to what was a harrowing week. My current drink of choice is rooibos, full of antioxidants and delicious in these slightly cooler evenings.

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