Thursday, October 4, 2007

flower power

My etsy shop has been quiet for a bit, but I am printing up a storm! A close friend of mine is soon to be wed and aside from having already done her wedding invitations, the past week was concentrated on printing her bridal shower invitations. After a flurry of sketches and ink and flashes of gocco bulbs, the inky dust cloud has finally dissipated and these bridal shower invitations were the result! I am so pleased with how they turned out!

Although the wedding theme is all blues and silvers and sparkly and starry, I decided to depart from that for the shower invites and really had a good time coming up with the design, as i had the freedom to make them as I pleased. I knew what I wanted my palette to be from the start, and just started drawing by hand. Then scanning. Then digitally tracing. Then creating the layout, until I liked what I saw.

Perhaps the design will re-incarnate soon as some thank you notes, or other greeting--keep an eye out for this new floral design to appear in my etsy shop before the season turns!

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