Tuesday, November 27, 2007

a handmade holiday

Eeep! It seems I have been neglecting this space a bit, I was always the same way when I tried to keep a diary or journal. I am still feeling my way around this blogging space, to try and explore what I'd like this space to be.

Oh, I have made the handmade pledge and decided to give handmade gifts this year, either foodstuffs made by myself, or handmade items bought from artists and designers. Not only do I prefer supporting my fellow artists and crafters, this kind of gift-giving also helps to take that ugly edge off of the commercialization of Christmas. I'm all for avoiding the madness at the malls!
And, inevitably, when looking for gifts I find things I would love for myself! A couple of lovelies I have found while wandering around etsy: I love the delicate details and lines of Planters by yuizdan168(above left). The inspiration behind her prints is always so lovely, as are the color choices. On the right is HELLO May by ashleyg. Again, I am just loving the composition and color here, as well as the personalities in the figures she illustrates. The best part is that these are affordable pieces of art!...there's no harm in buying myself a little gift while doing my holiday shopping, is there?

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