Friday, March 20, 2009

some prints

I can't believe my printmaking class is already over--the weeks flew by!
I will definitely try to sign up again for spring session. Here are my favorites from this time:

My penguins! Etchings made from drawings, made from photographs from Argentina. The one on the right is my favorite of favorites. And I love the colors, the yellow is a happy accident.

A monoprint inspired by wildflowers on a recent hike. I got to class last night, and our instructor had the exact same flowers(lupines) sitting in some water on the table! I took it as a sign and made a print. The sofa pattern really bugs me in these photos, but I was getting the best light there this morning.


haejin said...

they look so good~ :)

andrea said...


haejin said...

i especially like the flowers. who took those pictures? hahaha~