Sunday, October 4, 2009

long overdue

For a few weeks now, I haven't had much desire to cook. First I blamed it on the heat, but as the evenings cool down, I can no longer fault the weather.

Seriously. I'd come home from work and eat things like canned tuna on leftover rice wrapped in nori. For a couple nights I had an apple, a bit of cheese, and a handful of almonds. It was getting very bad--I even went through a bag of french fries from the frozen food section at Trader Joe's over the course of a couple 'meals'! I mean sure, everyone has days like that, but eating this way day after day for weeks is so unlike me. It's not as if I was very busy, either, and the fact that my vegetable drawer had little to offer (some ginger root, a sad-looking bulb of fennel, and a wrinkly old lime rolling around) just made it worse. Somehow, a trip to the store last week left me even less inspired, leaving me with just an onion, some grapes, and a spicy tuna roll in my market bag.

But! This week I am going to jump-start my kitchen energy, freshly motivated by a long overdue trip to the farmer's market. I hadn't gone in weeks, so this morning's visit gave me a renewed sense of how important fresh produce is to me and my eating habits, not to mention my inspiration to cook. I don't think I've ever been as excited to buy a bunch of Tuscan kale as I was today, and I can't wait to try these little PadrĂ³n peppers! Yippee!

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haejin said...

you're so cute.. :) hee hee~