Thursday, October 7, 2010

cookie weather

Last week, I was in tank tops and flip flops and battling armies of ants that continuously found paths of entry into my kitchen in their attempt to escape the heat. This week suddenly brought gray, drizzly skies and with them an itch to bake some cookies. Crispy, chewy chocolate chip cookies.

Tonight I got home to a chilly apartment and finally got around to baking those cookies to warm the air a bit. I then promptly ate a couple in the name of taste-testing as they came out of the oven--I had to make sure that they weren't over-cooked! Now if only I could get down to working out some cards and other items for the upcoming holiday season.. my craft fair deadline is approaching mighty quickly!

Did the autumn chill hit you as suddenly as it hit us here in LA? Apparently the gray skies are short lived though, as it's supposed to hit 80 again this weekend. Figures. I guess I'll just be sitting around eating my cookies until it warms up again.


yipejane said...

they look yummy!!

andrea said...

thanks! um, i think i ate 6 of them today. yikes.