Tuesday, March 16, 2010

not procrastinating

Last night's earthquake here in southern California was relatively small, but it woke me all the same, and rattled my nerves quite a bit! It made me realize that it's probably a good idea to put together some emergency supplies and water for peace of mind. Just in case. Please consider doing the same if you're in earthquake territory!

This week's sudden 80-degree heat wave has caught me off-guard too--what a reminder of the changing seasons! I plan to relish the longer days as much as possible, even though I am--or should be--in the throes of planning and printing and painting for Renegade. I'm starting to get super excited--tonight I finalized a new food-love design especially made for the Austin show! More details to come!


haejin said...

those flowers are pretty~ what are they?

andrea said...

i don't know! it's a photo from the getty center garden, last spring.