Saturday, May 22, 2010

breathing room

It's been almost a week since I got back from Austin, and I just unpacked my craft fair suitcase yesterday! And by unpacked, I simply mean that I emptied the suitcase and put it away. All the stuff that was inside it is now just sitting on my coffee table, in need of being sorted and organized in preparation for Renegade LA!

I had a great time in Austin as usual, and was only able to pull it off with the help of a dear friend who pretty much gave up her weekend (and her air mattress!) to put me up, help me out and hang with me at the fair. Thanks, friend!!

It's always great to see people's feedback to my work, and I learn a lot from each fair that I do. It gets a bit easier each time, I think. Plus I love the idea that I am spreading my cards out into the world, and with that, encouraging people to write more handwritten notes!

My cards are something of a hobby that I do in my spare time, not my livelihood, so I have great admiration for fellow artists and vendors who create and sell their creations for a living! I enjoyed walking around and was proud of myself for behaving pretty well, keeping my spending to a single necklace purchase from Olaria Studio.

After several weekends of craft fair prep, today was a nice breather of a Saturday, with simply gorgeous weather to boot. A couple friends and I walked over to a lovely brunch, and though the service was a bit spotty, the coffee and food were dee-licious.

Later on in the afternoon I went for a field trip to Griffith Observatory as part of a friend's birthday celebration, and the sights (of the city below) and sounds (of all the visitors) just emphasized the lovely spring weather for me.

I greatly appreciated the fresh air I got today. I so needed it.
I hope you're enjoying some this weekend, too, wherever you may be!

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